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Webisode 1
"East Meets West"

Webisode 2

"East Meets West" Part 2

Webisode 3

"Nothing Personal, Just Business"

Webisode 4

"The Texas 2 Skip"

Webisode 5

"La Famiglia"

Webisode 6

"La Famiglia" Part 2

Webisode 7

"You Shootin' At Me"

Webisode 8

"Are You Insane?"

Webisode 9

"The Setup"

Webisode 10

"The Setup" Part 2

Webisode 11

"Welcome To The Neighborhood"

Webisode 12

"I'm Takin' Over"

Webisode 13

"The Job Interview"


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01 – BAIL OUT PILOT: Jimmy changes jobs and location amidst controversy with the NYPD and the mob. Leaving behind everyone, he finds enjoyment in Fort Worth, TX, even as a fish out of water. 


02 - I am Lorenzo Lamas. About an out-of-work actor is seeking employment as a bounty hunter. The reason? He played one on TV. Only the bail skip recognizes him. 


03 - Where's Lou Diamond Philips? Former Mafia soldier Joey "The Snail" wants to work for Jimmy O'Neill as a bounty hunter. He changes his name to Lou Diamond Philips, so no one will know where he lives.


04 - Lou Diamond Phillips is Missing. Missing from the office Bail Bonds meeting, Jimmy finds out that Joey "The Snail"/AKA Lou Diamond Phillips went to a Pres. Donald Trump rally in Fort Worth.


05 - Was that Chuck Norris? When Jimmy and his fiancé, Katherine, are in a fatal car crash, someone comes to help out. He leaves in a hurry. Jimmy's reply, "Was that Chuck Norris?"  


06 - I feel like you are Demi Moore. After a fatal car crash, Katherine, Jimmy's fiancée, does not make it. However, from now on, he is the only one who sees her. Their relationship takes on a whole new turn. 


07- Are you the Italian Stallion? Jimmy and one of his bounty hunters, a Sylvester Stallone look-alike, go undercover as hotel housekeepers to find a mobster in town. 


08 - Kick like Bruce Lee: Jimmy sets up a self-defense class for women. He finds out that one of the "ladies" is a male (mobster) named Vick "legs" Toria, who is in the witness protection program.  


09 - Little Reese Witherspoon Darlin': Jimmy is caring for a grand champion Yorkshire Terrier, named Reese Witherspoon, left as collateral for a bail bond. This episode turns out to be one of the sweetest relationships Jimmy has ever had.