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Hi I'm Dennis O'neill & Here Is My Short Summary

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, with four other brothers and sisters. I quit H.S. in my senior year. Ten years later, I went back to school receiving my H.S. diploma and my degree in theater. I began my professional acting career on the stage and then on film and TV sets in over sixty seven projects, plus soap operas. My first big film was a dancer, in, Raging Bull, starring Robert DeNiro and directed by Martin Scorsese.

 After many years in this industry, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. Thus, I created Bail Out! Bail Out is a Web/TV show, about a NYC detective, Jimmy O'Neill, who intervenes the beating of a young girl, by a mobster, because she didn't become the "lady of the night", he wanted her to be. Jimmy's captain, who is tied to the mob as wall, wants him to sign a letter of apology. Jimmy's uncle Charlie has asked him many times, to come to Ft. Worth, TX to help rebuild his failing Bail Bonds business. Jimmy heeds his uncle's request. However, the mob is hot on his heels, along with his partner Marty.

 Bail Out's goal is to become an outreach to actors, crewmembers, etc. to provide work on a syndicated, show that you can watch with your grandmother.

 Bail Out is important because the goal is to write stories, although with humor, on real life issues, as helping the needy, battered women and children, and catching the bad guy. Jimmy O'Neill will never help to bail out an abuser or pedophiles.

Contributors will help me to achieve being an outreach and a helping hand to those that need to be lifted up and to provide entertainment to the masses with integrity.

What We Need & What You Get
We need $15,000 as a starting point to put into the Bail Out account to pay actors, crew members, advertising, editing and monetizing for our next six episodes. Every dollar will be used wisely. A percentage of what we bring in will go to organizations that reach out to those in need.

Our perks consist of "walk on" roles, Dinner with the stars, auditions for speaking roles, T-shirts, coffee mugs, DVD sets and more.

 If we don't reach our goal on Indiegogo, the plan of raising money and filming does not stop. I refinanced my home, sold my car for a less expensive one, sold personal items and much more to raise my own money for the Bail Out Project.

The Impact

You will be part of something to be proud of. We want to touch the world around us with messages of hope, not despair. This show will be entertaining with a message of that hope. We want to tell YOUR story.

Every time I've been tested and tried, I always take it like a football player going for the touchdown...There are always going to be those who try to stop us but we keep going for the touchdown. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

Other Ways You Can Help
Any amount will help, from $5 to $500. Some people just cannot contribute, but that does not mean they cannot help. Get the word out and make some noise about the Bail Out.