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Written & Created By Dennis O'Neill

TAGLINE: Everybody's Got a Story. 


LOGLINE: NYPD detective, Jimmy O'Neill, has a run-in with a New York mobster for roughing up a young lady. Now on a "Hit List," he heads to Fort Worth, TX, to take over his late uncle's failing bail bonds business. The mob pursues him. The hijinks begin.  
SYNOPSIS: BAIL OUT is an award-winning, fresh, new, inspirational TV show about NYPD detective Jimmy O'Neill who has people from mobsters, thieves, crooks, and even English hitmen out to whack him.


Unknown to the public, three “angels unaware” (looking like Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, and a good-looking Goliath, Dom "The Muscle" Bonanno), Irish Mobettes, and more are out to save him.


The race is on to see who is going to get to him first as Jimmy is always one step ahead of the bumbling NY mobsters. This fish-out-of-water story will eventually have you cheering for even the clueless Goombahs! This show is like Walker, Texas Ranger (Brooklyn style), meets The Office, meets Seinfeld, with its own DNA. 
Dennis O'Neill is the writer, producer, director, and lead actor in Bail Out, a veteran actor known for his roles on "Walker, Texas Ranger," "In Plain Sight, "Prison Break," and more. Dennis teams up with local actors, such as Nellie Sciutto "Consigliere" (Shudder Island), Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade), Marshall Teague, (Armageddon, Roadhouse), Joseph D'Onofrio, (A Bronx Tale), Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernie's), and many more. 


AWARDS: World Premiere Film Awards, Creation International Film Festival. FINALIST: FRAMED STORIES SHORT TO THE POINT, Changing Face International Film Festival, Grand Indie Wise Convention. SELECTED: Too many to mention.